So This Is Swans Crossing...You have your cake and wear it too!

      Welcome to Swans Crossing! 
If you're wondering what Swans Crossing was, 
you came to the right place. Or if you know 
what it was and wanted to find a fun, new 
page about it, look no further! First let 
me explain a little about it. Swans Crossing 
was a syndicated television show that aired 
from June to September of 1992 and then aired
in reruns. It was a wonderful and different 
series, sort of a soap opera for teens, minus 
all the sex. Swans Crossing starred talented, 
good-looking, young actors. It had romance, 
mystery, comedy, and some light drama. All in 
all, it was a fun show to watch. Unfortunately, 
it was aired in some strange timeslots and it  
was not recognized as a great show by enough 
people. I am sure if Swans Crossing was given 
a better chance, it would be a hit. So, here 
is my homepage dedicated to my past obsession, 
Swans Crossing!

Places To Go In Swans Crossing

Swans Soda Shop - Where you can have a Mila 
float and find out about the characters of 
Swans Crossing.

Tool & Die - Where you can find Jimmy, Callie, 
and Barek and find great lines from the show.

The Swan Club - Where you can relax by the pool 
and learn about all the juicy storylines on 
the show. Do you have a reservation?

The Rutledge Mansion - Where you won't be 
able to find a haystack but you'll be able 
to find out about the actors on the show.
Mila's Bedroom - Where everything is pink and 
perfect and you can learn about all the big 
events a.k.a. parties in Swans Crossing.

Glory's Bedroom - Where there's always a Fabian 
shade in the window and you can read some 
of J.T.'s poems.

No Man's Land - Where you can meet in secret or 
find out about the hot, and not so hot 
romances on the show.You can also view a
copy of Sydney's and Garrett's agreement.

J.T.'s Room - Where you can work on UB2B at
the computer or find links to other great
Swans Crossing pages and other pages.

The Walker Estate - Where you can go 
woobie hunting at night or find out 
about all the mysterious people on the

Owen's Basement/Recording Studio - Where 
you can hear some of Sandy and Owen's 
songs or hear sounds from the show.

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Swans Crossing is the copyright of Newlifier Limited, Heliosphere Productions, 1992. Coming Soon: As you can probably tell, this page is not finished yet. I am adding new things as you read this. Soon, I will put up more sounds from the show in Owen's basement. I also want to put up things you may not know, and trivia. So, please keep checking my page and tell other people about it. Also, if you have any ideas or info or can help me with any of these sections, email me!

If you would like to send me comments or
suggestions on my page or if you just want
to talk about Swans Crossing, email me!

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