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The Walker Estate

"You wanna go to the Walker Estate? At night?" Callie

The old Walker Estate was founded by Callie's great-grandfather.
Rumor has it, he went crazy and built statues of himself
all over. Then he burned the place down with him in it.
Now, there's nothing there but shrubs and old statues.
Nobody much goes there anymore. The guys of Swans Crossing
used to go woobie hunting there. Neil invented woobies.
Nobody has ever seen them. They look nothing like rattlers.
The boys used to find great new ways to scare the mamba jambas
out of each other. Glory goes there sometimes to get rose
clippings. The Walker Estate is the place where all the 
strange and mysterious people hang out in Swans Crossing.
It's also where Glory was held when she was kidnapped.

Mysterious People

Swans Crossing has its share of strange and mysterious people.

First there was Barek. In the beginning, everyone thought 
he was pretty cool, except for Callie. Then, after a while, 
Callie got other people to believe her suspicions about Barek. 
Soon Saja was following him and later Jimmy watched for him. 
Barek did not like all of them watching his every move. He even 
rigged a ladder in the Tool & Die so that it would break. Then 
he made Callie go on it to get something and she fell off and 
twisted her ankle. Luckily Jimmy was there to catch her. Barek 
spends way too much time at the Walker Estate at night. And 
what's with the cotton balls and ice cream??
Then of course, there were the Baldies. They were on the 
first episode and many after that. There were two of them, one 
who was always in Swans Crossing spying on people. He used to 
go to the Soda Shop often and get pancakes. The two baldies 
kidnapped Glory and took her to the pit. For some reason, they 
always had cotton balls in their ears.
There was also another bad guy lurking around town. I think in
the credits he was an anglo. He even dressed up as Neil's doctor
when he was in the hospital to try and spy on Neil and J.T.

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