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Tool & Die

Welcome to the Tool & Die, where you can get anything with
a motor fixed by the best mechanics in Swans Crossing.
Owned by Fats, who went on a bike trip early in the series, 
and hasn't been back since, this is where you can find 
Swans Crossing's own gearheads. Barek, the new boss, has 
done everything. Or so he says. He played for the Brewers 
Farm System, took pre-med, had poetry published, and worked 
for NASA to name a few accomplishments. None of that seems to
impress Callie Walker, his paranoid employee and the only
girl in Swans Crossing who knows her way around an engine. 
Callie doesn't believe much of what Barek says. She's been 
suspicious of him since she met him. At first, Jimmy Clayton,
Callie's potential boyfriend and Swans Crossing's other 
teenage gearhead, looks up to Barek. He believes every word 
he says and thinks Barek is the coolest person he's ever met. 
This causes many fights between Callie and Jimmy which does 
not leave much time for their romance to bloom. Close to the 
end of the series, when Jimmy finally expresses his feelings 
to Callie, he starts to believe that something is not right 
with that Barek guy. 

Famous Quotes

Okay, some of Swans Crossing's residents have said some pretty 
memorable things. Some were funny, some strange, others sweet.
Why don't you judge for yourself.

"Ooh, I love myself!" Garrett Booth and Sydney Rutledge
"That primate is a pain in my gluteous maximus!" J.T. 
referring to Garrett
"What is this? Get a Jimmy Day?" Jimmy Clayton
"Hope you have your lunar pampers on." J.T Adams
"We'll be great friends." Sydney to Mila
"Nowhere, anywhere, riding." Jimmy
"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Callie 
Walker referring to Barek
"Boys, who needs them?" Glory "We do!!" All girls
"Just because you can ride, doesn't mean you know a 
thing about bikes." Jimmy to Callie
"That's what I call a good motor!" J.T. looking at Callie
"I know someone who could get a girl to do just about
anything, Countess." Sydney
"To understand the art of zen and the art of motorcycle
maintenence." Saja
"Is it that I am a boy dreaming I am a balloon, or a 
balloon dreaming I am a boy?" Saja
"Well, this is the place for runaway skateboards, and 
runaway imaginations." Barek
"I really feel sorry for you." Callie to Nancy
"Bobby is not at this number anymore." Saja
"Feathers in the Swedish meatballs??" Countess Rosnovsky
"Eats! Yes!" J.T.
"You look homeless." Nancy to Sydney
"Oh Sydney, how to turn a back-stabbing little duckling
into a swan." Garrett
"One who claims to have broken all ties, suddenly shows 
his knots." Saja to Jimmy
"You'll learn all the joys of public transit. I bet you 
don't even know how to ride a bus." Garrett to Sydney
"You can't be depressed and wear a dress that doesn't
fit right." Nancy to Sandy
"Wo, who let him out of his cage?" J.T. referring to Garrett
"Yo, Callie! Walkerwoman! Front and center!" Jimmy
"Your face is green." Jimmy "Your mouth is big." Callie
"I love to watch you swim" Garrett
"Look, Barek may be a nice guy...but we have seen other sides 
to him" Callie
"All I smell are J.T.'s dirty socks" Katie
"What is this, a lame and moronic attempt attempt at 
revenge? Sydney to Garrett
"If there's something you really want you gotta go after it 
and not stop, for anything.  Garrett
"Read my lips--they're sealed" Sydney
"Nancy, shut up and leave!"-Sydney
"Sydney thinks me and checks have a lot in common. We're both 
always getting cancelled. Sandy
"Even old Iron-Gut Adams can't hold this one down!" J.T.
commenting on 'Mila floats'
"If at first you don't succeed, chuck it, right?" Callie

If you have any other great quotes from Swans Crossing that
you'd like to see here, send them to me.

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