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The Rutledge Mansion

Do come in. I am Ralph, the butler, the chauffer, all in all,
Ms. Sydney's personal servant. Pardon the appearance of the
mansion. It's being renovated. Just step over the boxes. Ms. 
Sydney is out at the moment and the Mayor Rutledge is at a
meeting. If you'd like, I can tell you about all the actors 
on Swans Crossing. Yo kick it!

The Cast

Sarah Michelle Gellar(Sydney) - Sarah's been acting since 
she was four. She's been in numerous commercials including
many Burger King ones. She was in "Funny Farm", "High Stakes",
"A Woman Named Jackie", "Spensor For Hire", "Beverly Hills 
Family Robinson", etc. After Swans Crossing, she went on to 
"All My Children" where she played Kendall Hart, Erica Kane's 
daughter. Now of course, she stars in "Buffy The Vampire 
Slayer" as Buffy Summers. She worked on "I Know What You Did 
Last Summer" and "Scream 2" over the summer.

Shane McDermott(Garrett) - Shane's been in a Babysitter's
Club movie. After Swans Crossing, he did "Airborne". He guest 
starred on an episode of "Law & Order". He also did an ad
for drug prevention. Most recently he was on "All My Children" 
as Scott Chandler.

Stacey Moseley(Callie) - Stacey started her carreer on 
stage as Annie. She was in the movie "Born On The 4th of July.
She guest starred on an episode of "Law & Order" and she had 
a small part in "Welcome To The Dollhouse."

Evan Ferrante(Owen) - Evan did some Macy's ads and a 
Levi's jeans commmercial. He was in a Mead notebook commercial 
that they still air. He had a small part on "All My Children". 
He also did some theatre work.

Devin Doherty(Jimmy) - Devin began on acting on stage. 
He was on "Unsolved Mysteries". He may have been seen on an
episode of "Law & Order"(not yet confirmed). He is currently
interested in Hockey.

Carisa Dahlbo(Glory) - Carisa started out in commercials
(McDonald's etc) and print ads. She did some theatre work. She 
was also in a commercial for a game called Carreers.

Eddie Robinson(Neil) - Eddie was in an episode of "The
Cosby Show" before Swans Crossing. He was in the movie "Lone 
Star". He had a guest appearance on "Ghostwriter" and "Are You 
Afraid Of The Dark?"

Brittany Daniel(Mila) - Brittany started out modeling.
She was in a Doublemint commercial with her twin sister. She 
had a small part in "Basketball Diaries". Now her and her 
twin are starring in "Sweet Valley High".

Alex Tanaka(Saja) - Swans Crossing was Alex's first
T.V. role. Alex was in an episode of "Law & Order" and "New 
York Undercover". He also did a Honeycombs commercial.

Tom Carroll(J.T.) - Tom got into acting just two years
before he did Swans Crossing, after he was in a school play.
He was in a Clearasil commercial and is currently said to be 
attending Vassar College.

Kristen Mahon(Sandy) - Kristen got her start on stage.
She was in a production of Gypsy. She showed her singing 
ability on Swans Crossing.

Kristy Barbera(Nancy)

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