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     Music is the answer to all the world's problems.
There were some great songs on Swans Crossing. Most of them
were written and performed by Sandy Swan and Owen Fowler. The
most important thing to both of them was their music. They have 
been singing together since they were little. 

Swans Songs

Gotta Grow Up

Don't know where I'm going
My head is feeling strange
My heart is beating overtime
My body's going through a radical change
I'm feeling new emotions
I can't turn back now
Standing at the crossroads
I'll get through somehow.

Guess I gotta grow up
Oh, I gotta grow up
Gotta grow up sometime
Oh, want to find a way
to grow up
Oh, I gotta grow up
Gotta grow up sometime
And I want to have a say

Gotta grow up
People say don't hurry
Enjoy it while it lasts (while it lasts)
Youth is wasted on the young
Better slow down, I'm moving too fast
A scary kind of feeling
A fear of the unknown
Like waking in the darkness
Got to face it on my own


Letting go of childhood things
Can sometimes makes you sad
Like hanging out all day and playing pretend
Giving up all my toys hasn't been so bad
Cause the boy next door has become much more 
than just a friend


Cross That Line

Crossing over the road for the first time
Feeling the world could be mine
Maybe I know too much too soon
Maybe I don't, but in time
(Cross that line)
Bitter and sweetness
(Cross that line)
Gonna overcome a weakness
(Cross that line)
Every answer needs a question, it's true
And there's nothing left to win if you lose

I'll Hold You Up

I look around and see all the desparate faces
Some people finding it hard trying to deal 
with life's changes
We all need someone to lean on
Someone who understands
I'll be right here when you need me
Baby come and take my hand

I'll hold you up when you're feeling down
I'll hold you up yeah I'll be around
All you gotta do is let me know
I'll hold you up and I won't let go

I know there are days when you think that 
you're not gonna make it
That hopeless feeling sets in and you can't 
seem to shake it
You got my shoulder to lean on
I'll always understand
You can count on me to be there
Baby when you need a hand


I'll hold you up when you need a friend
I'll give you love that will never end


She is beautiful to see
It's wonderful to be
Sugar without spice
All little girls should be as nice as
She is Mama's little girl
There's no one in the world like
What a little pearl
Watch the flags uncurl for
She's the one for me
Mama loves Mila
Tutu loves Mila
Tutu loves Mila
Mila loves you
Mama loves Mila
Tutu loves Mila
Hear it!
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Over You

(Ever gonna get over you)
(Ever gonna get over you)
(Ever gonna get over you)

Still see your body next to me
Still feel your hand in mine
Still see your sweet voice saying
"Baby, I will love you till the end of time"
Am I ever gonna have a day without this feeling?
Am I ever gonna really understand what it means 
to be able to say I'm free?

Am I ever
(Ever gonna get over you)
Gonna get over you
(Ever gonna get over you)
Am I ever
(Ever gonna get over you)
Gonna get over you...

Still see you smiling up at me
Still see your loving gaze
Still know the strange sensation of believing 
you wouldn't leave me all 
the rest of my days
Is there ever gonna be a time without this feeling
Am I ever gonna, really, really be free


Hear some of it!
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Swans Sounds

Here are some great lines from the show that I have 
put into WAV format. Just click it to hear the 
character speak!

"Ooh I love myself!" Sydney

"Ooh I love myself!" Garrett

"What is this? Get a Jimmy Day? Jimmy

"Bobby is no longer at this number. Saja

"Nowhere. Anywhere. Riding. Jimmy

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