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Swans Soda Shop

Welcome to Swans Soda Shop! Would you like a Mila Float? How about a Victory Float? Maybe a Recovery Float? Or would you just like a hot dog? This is the place where all the young residents of Swans Crossing go to get a meal, listen to the jukebox and dance, or just hang out and wait for something to happen. Your waitress today will be Jazz. She's no longer a teenager, but she's not quite a grownie. She gets along pretty well with all the kids and she always seems to be at the shop, waitressing. Her specialty is pancakes. She sort of has her eye on a certain baldie. This is the place where Mila's Surprise Party took place. This is also where Billy Gun first met Deseree Passion. Everything seems to happen at Swans Soda Shop. Have a great meal!


Sydney Rutledge(Sarah Michelle Gellar)- Sydney is 
the most beautiful, popular girl in town. She is the 
mayor's daughter and always gets what she wants. She
does this by coming up with devious schemes and using 
other people. She doesn't mean to hurt anybody but if
you're in her way, she'll walk all over you.

Garrett Booth(Shane McDermott)- He's Sydney's 
perfect match. He's got it all and he knows it. He's 
good-looking, athletic, and rich and he uses all that 
to his advantage. Any girl in town would love to date 
Garrett but he only has eyes for Sydney. No wait...Mila.

Mila Rosnovsky(Brittany Daniel)- Mila is a 
childhood TV star. She's totally pampered by her mom, 
the Countess. But all she wants is to be a normal kid. 
Just like everyone else. Well, she's in the wrong town 
for that!

Jimmy Clayton(Devin Doherty)- Jimmy's confused 
about what he wants. He feels like he doesn't belong 
in Swans Crossing. He's not into money and material 
possessions. All he wants to do right now is work on
his bike at the Tool & Die. Until Callie comes along...

Callie Walker(Stacey Moseley)- Callie's been 
around the world and back. She lives in a submarine 
by the docks of Swans Crossing. She is wise beyond 
her years. Her ancestors lived in Swans Crossing but
she's only been there a few months. She thought she
knew exactly what she wanted until Jimmy came along.

Bobby "Saja" DeCastro(Alex Tanaka)- Swans 
Crossing's own 'lord of the warriors'. Saja is 
confused about who he wants to be so he keeps 
changing his name. He has been SooLinn the Condurer,
Superslueth Sullivan and now Saja. When will he learn
to like himself for who he really is?

Glory Booth(Carisa Dahlbe)- Glory is the nicest 
person you'll ever meet. All she wants out of life is 
to be happy and liked. She could never hurt a fly. She
spends most of her time gardening and hanging out with
her boyfriend, J.T. Adams.

J.T. Adams(Tom Carroll)- Rocket scientist or poet?
J.T. wants it all. He and partner, Neil, are trying to 
come up with a great technological advance for mankind. 
He also wants to be just a regular guy, with his girlfriend,
Glory. Only few people in Swans Crossing know that J.T. is
also a great poet.

Sandy Swan(Kristen Mahon)- Sandy is Swans 
Crossing's own Madonna, minus the sexy outfits and
dirty words. Sandy and her bud Owen have their own
music group. They write most of their songs and sing
at local parties and concerts.

Owen Fowler(Evan Ferrante)- Owen always has 
his mind on music. He doesn't seem to notice anything 
else, except maybe Mila from time to time. He also 
makes some mistakes that hurt other people. He doesn't 
mean it, he just doesn't think sometimes.

Neil Atwater(Eddie Robinson)- Neil only thinks 
about work. By work, I mean UB2B, the project him and 
J.T. are working on. He's not too fond of girls, saying
that they are always in the way. This leads to many 
arguments with his girl-crazy partner J.T. and his 
girlfriend, Glory.

Nancy Robbins(Kristy Barbera)- A total snob, 
Nancy likes to feel higher than everyone else by 
putting down everyone around her. People have said 
she does this because deep inside, she is insecure 
and vulnerable.

Supporting Characters

These are the rest of the people who starred on the show.
They're mostly grownies!

Barek(William Shanks) - Manager of Tool & Die, spy.
Jazz(MB Battisti) - Waitress at Swans Soda Shop.
Mayor Rutledge(Ziska Beveridge) - Sydney's mother and 
mayor of Swans Crossing.
Grant Booth(John Cunningham) - Garrett and Glory's father.
Captain Walker(Gerry Bamman) - Callie's father.
Countess Rosnovsky(Delphi Harrington) - Mila's mother.
Ralph(Donald Symington) - The Rutledge's butler.
Sophia Eva McCormick DeCastro(Mira Sorvino) - Saja's
older sister and Jimmy's ex.
Katie Adams(Ashley Chapman) - J.T.'s younger sister.
Mr. Han(Alvin Lum) - Librarian.
Baldie #1(Barry Papick) - Bad guy after J.T. & Neil.
Baldie #2(Larry Attile) - Bad guy after J.T. & Neil.
Anglo #1(Seth Jones) - Another bad guy after J.T. & Neil.

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