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Mila's Bedroom

"Do you really wanna see my room?" Mila
"I'd love to." Sydney
"The elevator's this way." Mila
"Elevator?" Sydney(no audio)
"I'm sure its very nice." Sydney(looking around, stunned)
"Mama had the bed made, seeing as we're in Swans Crossing
and all." Mila(referring to the bedpost with a huge 
swan on it)
"Yes, how appropriate!" Sydney
"Be careful, if it doesn't like you, it charges." Mila
(referring to the pink custom-made rhinocerous desk)
"Don't tell me, you played Cinderella?" Sydney(referring
to a red shoe phone)
"No. I wore that to the Globe Awards last year. Mama
had it made into a phone. The other one's in the T.V.
Hall Of Fame." Mila
"How fascinating!" Sydney
"The animals, the dressing area. You can really see how 
you look. It's much better." Mila(referring to the six 
television screens in front of her)
"Much." Sydney
"It's easier for makeup changes." Mila(pushing a button
to turn the fire place into a dressing table)
"Let's change this to sunshine." Mila(changing the sky)

Social Events

In Swans Crossing, there's a social gathering almost every
week. Some are games, some benefits, but mostly parties!!
If you want to know the places to be in Swans Crossing,
you've come to the right place.

Fourth Of July Celebration - The first big event in 
Swans Crossing. This was where Callie was introduced to
everyone in Swans Crossing and it was Mila's first episode.
Garrett got Sydney to think that Callie was Mila and before
Callie could stop her, Sydney went in front of everyone to 
introduce Callie as Mila when Garrett brings Mila there. Then
the towers start to fall and there is chaos as Mila falls 
into the water and Sydney falls to the ground.

Mila's Surprise Party - Definately one of the best
episodes. The invitations to the party were hilarious! During
the party, Jimmy and Neil got bored so they fixed the cake to 
turn around really fast and explode onto everyone. Then the 
party became fun and everyone danced the night away.

Newport Game - The big baseball game between Newport
and Swans Crossing. Garrett and Sydney made an agreement that
if the Swans won the game, she would walk off the field with
him, in front of everyone. She was going to do it, until Grant
Booth announced that he would run against the mayor and she
chickened out. This led to a summer of revenge between the 
both of them.

Mila's sleepover party - Maybe the best episode of the 
series, this was at Mila's house when all the guys crashed it.
It was a lot of fun with everyone dancing. The girls even put
face masks on the guys!

Dance at The Swan Club - This was when Garrett first
showed the birth certificate to Sydney. Then she threw him into
the pool. Jimmy and Callie went together but Jimmy left with 
Sophia. :( Neil was missing the whole night and he was drugged. 
He was found the next day. 

Nudibranch Benefit - This was an attempt by the Countess
to get Captain Walker out of his sub. It was a very funny episode
because as Captain Walker is making a serious speech about his
beloved nudibranchs, a woman dressed as a nudibranch is crawling
around him and the Countess belts out a song about Nudibranchs.

J.T. & Neil's Night of Games - This was a way for
J.T. and Neil to make money for the last ingredient for UB2B.
It was a carnival night. All the teens of Swans Crossing were

Sydney's Goodbye To Garrett-er-Summer Party - The last 
episode of the series, this was a pool party held by Sydney.
There were many quotes in this episode that might have predicted
the end of the series.

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