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No Man's Land

If you're wondering what No Man's Land is, it's the piece
of land that separates Sydney's and Garrett's property. 
No one owns it so it's called No Man's Land. Sydney and
Garrett have always gone there to meet in secret, a place
where their parents couldn't see them. Until Mayor Rutledge
had a wall built there. Garrett and Sydney were both stunned
and upset. Soon after though, Garrett carved a small hole in
the wall so they could still meet. But after that, when they 
met, it was for business, not pleasure.


Swans Crossing has had its share of romances. Some are from
the past, some are brand new. We watched some of them 
develop right before our eyes. Some of them were friendships
that blossomed into loves. Some are just good friendships. Some
of them never really happened, only in someone's mind.

Sydney & Garrett - They have a love-hate relationship.
Some would call them soulmates because they are almost 
the same. They would both stop at nothing to get what
they want. They have sort of a Romeo & Juliet romance 
because their parents hate each other and forbid
them to be together.

Mila & Garrett - Garrett is Mila's first real boyfriend.
It's new and exciting, until she learns about the deal.
After that, all Garrett wants is Mila and he uses Sydney
to get her.

Glory & J.T. - The only couple on Swans Crossing who have
been together since the beginning and have stayed together. 
They have a great relationship and even admitted they loved
each other.

Callie & Jimmy - My favorite couple on the show, they've had
a thing for each other since the first time they saw each 
other. They just have been fighting ever since that they 
haven't had time to follow their hearts. Luckily, towards
the end of the series, Jimmy and Callie stop fighting and
get close and almost kiss about 4 or 5 times. 

Jimmy & Sophia - Sophia is the older woman. That's the only
thing Jimmy likes about her. They never truly had a 
relationship that we know of but Sophia did get in the way of 
Jimmy and Callie more than once.

Callie & Saja - Strictly friends, Saja was the second 
person in Swans Crossing to set eyes on Callie. He has
secretly had a crush on her since then, but Callie
only has eyes for Jimmy.

Sandy & Saja - They never noticed each other until one
night when they met each other walking home. Saja helped
Sandy with a line for a song. This was close to the end 
of the series so we never got to see much of a romance
develop between them.

Sandy & Owen - They've been making music together ever 
since they were kids. Sandy's always had a crush on Owen 
but he was always too into his music to notice her.

Owen & Mila - Strictly a figment of Owen's imagination.
Mila thinks of him as a good friend. Owen thinks of Mila 
as his fantasy girl-always having dreams about her.

Jimmy & Nancy - I never truly understood this relationship.
We know that in the sixth grade, they went out but Nancy
jilted him. Nancy still has feelings for Jimmy though. She
even had a strange daydream about her making his life more
organized. Jimmy never even looks at Nancy.

Neil & Glory - Of course, they're friends, with J.T. being
his partner and all. Neil has said that he hates girls and 
could never like one. But I have a strange feeling that Neil 
secretly liked Glory all along. Nothing ever happened between 
them, though.

J.T. & Mila - We thought J.T. only had eyes for Glory but
in the last few episodes, J.T. and Mila start spending some 
time together because they are both so interested in poetry.
Mila likes Chandler for his poetry, which was really J.T.'s 
poetry so in a way, Mila really likes J.T.

The Agreement

During the second week of the series, Sydney and Garrett
had to find a way to be together without their parents 
knowing. Garrett thought up the idea of using Mila as a
decoy. Whenever Mila was around, Garrett and Sydney could
be together. This worked fine until Sydney went back on
her end of the deal. Then things got ugly!

Here's the deal:

1. I will work very hard to make Mila like me.
2. I promise to dance with Mila, but not too close.
3. I will never do anything with Mila that Sydney
would not like.
4. I will always like Sydney.
5. Mila will never suspect I am seeing her just so
I can secretly be with Sydney when the three of us
are around. 
6. I agree to go to the movies, but no love stories.
7. I agree to go horseback riding, but only on
separate horses.
8. I agree to hand-holding, but no other kind of
9. I also agree to picnics but only within public
11.On one condition, Sydney had to promise to stand 
up to her mother and be seen with Garrett when 
the time came.
Dated: July 8, 1992
Signed: Garrett Booth

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