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Glory's Bedroom

Glory's bedroom is always clean and neat. It has Glory's own
personal touch everywhere. She has her first pair of ballet 
shoes up and she has all her stuffed animals lined up near 
her bed. Her room is also communication central for Garrett
and Sydney. Whenever Garrett wants to see Sydney in No Man's 
Land, he puts a Fabian shade up in Glory's window. Sydney 
can see it because the Rutledge's live right next door to 
the Booth's.

J.T.'s Poems

"They wanted your poems, J.T. But I told them you wrote them 
for me. They wanted your poems, J.T." Glory

Not many people in Swans Crossing know this, but J.T. is
a poet. He started writing poems long ago but no one saw
them except for Neil. Until Neil gave a book of poems to
Glory to make her feel better and so she would keep them
safe. Then J.T. started to write love poems for Glory.

      J.T.'s First Book of Poems

You are like loving one dead lizard.

Oh, to be a two-toe'd sloth in zero gravity.Hear Glory say it!
I do not have twelve loves, but one.
Only six degrees colder than the body temperature
of a nudibranch.

I am 23 leagues under
Pressure 60 pounds
She is nowhere to be found
Oh my, I see only 9 kissing guramies squared by
3 crabs eating pie.

When you're not here,
When we're not paired,
Two dead lizards
And a lizard pi squared.

     J.T.'s Second Book of Poems

As the boomerang returns
As the yo-yo extends
As the planets return to physigy

My heart will soar at mock speed
Until the time comes to end its flight
Alpha centuri, please let it be tonight


More of J.T.'s Poems

Accidental flares of love burst through the atmosphere
I am protected from the searing heat
My heart skips a beat
Like a rainbow after a storm
I see your face, shining through
The darkest clouds just dissapear without a trace
And the sky is the bluest shade of blue


Stars shine, but you shine brighter.
Gold glitters, but you're worth more.
Diamonds are hard and cold but you are sweet and pure.
Because of you and every soul I see a miracle.
You flash in my heart like a light from the sun
And I take your warmth with me all day long
Through you, I know every soul is a miracle.

My love is like a rose.
Red like a heart, that beats steady and true.
There are thorns to remind you
That mistakes can be a part of love too.
Foregiveness is like the pedals
That embrace the morning dew.
Your smile is like the sun,
Keeping the rose blooming all year long.
And every time you read this poem,
Think of that rose like our love,
Beautiful, devoted, and strong.

Rocket to Paradise

Some have a ladder, others a ship, a zeppelin, a saucer.
But what do they matter?
My ladder is my rocket to paradise.
Drawn to your light, the gravity of your night.
Star by star, I climb, nearer to you every time.
Am I a fool?
Should I stay on the ground?
Pretend my heart is made of ice?
What does it matter?
I have my ladder,
My rocket to paradise.
Nothing would make me gladder,
If you'd ride on my ladder.
Our ladder, 
Our rocket to paradise.

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