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It's what I'd call the perfect scientific solution. The answer
to all our problems. A giant step forward for the global 
scientific community. Yep, Neil. It's what I'd call a real
J.T. and Neil use all their spare time working on UB2B. What 
exactly that is, I'm not so sure of. Supposedly, it's a self-
propetuated rocket fuel. They are using highly rare materials
for this from other countries. To get their materials, they had 
to make up a person who was over 18 to order them. They created
Professor Vann, after a boy they went to school with who thought
more than Neil did and followed them around. Many people have 
come to Swans Crossing to find out more about Professor Vann.
UB2B has gotten Neil and J.T. into a lot of trouble. First, 
Neil was drugged at a dance at the Swan Club and someone put a 
bug in his beeper. Next, Glory was kidnapped and taken to a pit, 
with snakes and asked questions about the project. Then, Neil 
went to test it out without J.T. and the building he tested it 
in blew up with him in it.

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Special Thanks

I just want to take a minute to thank some people. First of all,
I want to thank the creators of Swans Crossing for coming up with
such a wonderful show for us to watch, even if it was for such a 
short time. I want to thank everyone involved with the show, 
including the producers, directors, camerapeople, etc and 
especially the great actors and actresses on the show. I also want
to thank everyone who watched and supported the show when it was on
and even after. As for this webpage, I would like to thank everyone
who helped me make it. I want to thank my best friend Eva for helping
me get all my Swans Crossing facts together. I especially want to 
thank Ms. Swan for all the pictures she gave me and for all of her
technical help. Without her, this page would suck!! Thank you all!!!

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