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The Swan Club

Welcome to the Swan Club! Would you like to go for a swim in 
the olympic size swimming pool? Or would you like to have 
lunch in the dining room? The Swan Club is the perfect place 
to be on a hot afternoon. If you'd like, Garrett can give you
swimming lessons. Or you can attend the Nudibranch Benefit 
held by the Countess. Maybe you wanna just watch the clouds like 
Jimmy and Callie. Whatever you do, you won't get bored at the 
Swan Club!


In a town like Swans Crossing, there's got to be some juicy
storylines going on. Here are some of the best:

Sydney/Garrett/Mila triangle-When Sydney's mother and 
Garrett's father forbidded them to be together, they came
up with a plan. They would use the new girl in town, Mila,
to be together. Sydney would become best friends with her
and Garrett would act like he was interested in her. 
Whenever Garrett was with Mila, Sydney would be there also.
They could always be together when Mila was around. This led
to some interesting developments in Swans Crossing!

Sophia/Jimmy/Callie triangle-This wasn't much of a triangle
because usually there was only two people interested at a
time. Sophia is the older woman, 17, and Jimmy likes her 
because of that. When Callie comes along, Sophia starts to
be interested in Jimmy because she sees she might not be 
able to have him. She always wants what she can't have!

J.T. & Neil's Project-UB2B was a big part of Swans Crossing.
It brought many bad guys to the town. Many have speculated
that Barek was working undercover to spy on J.T. and Neil.
Neil was kidnapped at a dance and bugged, Glory was kidnapped
and taken to a place called the Pit, Neil was in a building
that blew up and he fell into a coma. And all this was for

Sydney & Sandy switched at birth-Garrett wanted revenge after
Sydney got him into deep trouble. So he made a fake copy of
Sydney's birth certificate and switched her name with Sandy's.
All the records were lost a long time ago so Sydney had no way
of knowing if Garrett was telling the truth. Soon, everything 
Sydney saw led her to believe that she really was Sandy Swan.

Chandler-Once Garrett had the birth certificate over Sydney's
head, he black-mailed her with it. He made Sydney help him
get Mila back. Sydney came up with a secret admirer, Chandler.
She stole some of J.T.'s poems and gave them to Mila from 

Glory Kidnapped-One day when Callie and Glory were spending
the day together, they went to the Tool & Die to get Callie's 
fishing gear. When they got there, Callie and Jimmy got into
a fight and Glory went outside to wait. She was kidnapped and
taken to a place called the pit. The men who took her kept 
asking about UB2B and they wanted J.T.'s book of poems.

Explosion-Neil was having a bad day after getting in a fight
with J.T. and he went to go test UB2B but he did something 
wrong and the building blew up. Luckily J.T. got there in time
to save him but he was in a coma for days.

Billy Gunn coming to town-Billy Gunn was a heavy metal singer
that came to town to see Mila. She started to like him but 
Sydney let the Countess find out about it and ground Mila. 
Sydney only did this because Garrett blackmailed her to do it. 
Then Billy started to like Sydney. The feeling wasn't mutual.

The Great Mamba Jamba-Named by Saja, this is what Callie,
Saja, and eventually Jimmy were investigating. They were 
suspicious of Barek because he was always buying ice cream 
and cotton balls. Also, he had a jeweler's eyepiece that was 
really a camera. 


Well, if you've ever seen Swans Crossing, you know that the writers were not that big on kissing scenes. They felt that the show was for preteens and teens and they did not want it to turn into Beverly Hills 90210. But, we did get a lot of almost-kisses and a couple of real kisses. Here they are. See if you remember them.
Glory & J.T. 1) almost kissed in the 1st episode when the rocket exploded. 2) almost kissed 3 times at the dance at the Swan Club. They were interrupted by pages for Neil, etc. 3) almost kissed 2 times at Mila's Slumber Party. They were interrupted by Owen. One time the camera faded out and they may have kissed. 4) finally kissed on Neil's hospital bed after the explosion. Garrett & Sydney 1) almost kissed in Sydney's mercedes while making the deal but were interrupted by a phone call. 2) almost kissed in the park before the Newport Game. 3) almost kissed at Mila's Birthday Party but stopped when they realized they were in public. Garrett & Mila 1) kissed on Garrett's porch with Sydney looking on from her window, crying. Callie & Jimmy 1) almost kissed 2 times at Tool & Die, but were interrupted by Saja, etc. 2) almost kissed 2 times on Glory's porch while Callie was staying there. 3) faded out kiss at Walker Estate. We saw them move in toward each other but the scene faded before we could see them kiss. The next scene opened with them pulling away from each other. In my opinion, I was very dissapointed that we got to see Mila and Garrett kiss on their first try but we never saw Jimmy and Callie kiss on screen. I think after all the almost kisses, Jimmy & Callie fans should have gotten a real kiss. I also think J.T.'s and Glory's kiss was well-deserved. What do you think??

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